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TEDx Kanata 2017 Amy Karam Speaker

Amy Karam author of The China Factor

For More Information & Ordering go to thechinafactorbook.com

Amy Karam Speaker: Highlights Reel

Amy Karam Global Strategy and Innovation Expert

TEDxKanata 2017

TEDx Kanata 2017 Amy Karam Speaker

Amy Karam, Duke University, Stanford University
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Demystify China


Develop your Cultural IQ & Impact your ROI

Ideal for Trade Missions
Whether you're looking to export to China, partner with China domestically or compete with them globally, you need to know more about how they do business - because it's not what you're used to. Learn how China does business and be prepared.

Demystify China and Adopt New Strategies


Learn how China does business + Adopt new strategies to change your game for success. As a Western-based company, you realize that your usual way of doing business is not optimal in dealing with China or with other emerging markets. You need to Adapt and you need to Adopt new business practices.

Global Marketing Strategy


Change your Sales Mindset, Compete & Win

Old approaches won't work in new markets. Competition isn't just more intense as ever before, it's different as well. One corporate sales strategy can’t be replicated for different country sales. Product superiority isn't enough to win. Apply our 5Ps of Global Marketing Strategy FrameworkTM to change your game for success in new markets and new competitors.

Export Market Validation


Bridging the Knowledge to Action Gap

A low-commitment exploration of a new market that caters to the mindset of entrepreneurs in their export journey.

We can help you assess whether you're ready to successfully enter a new market - or whether you've still got work to do.

New Innovation Models


Become Innovative at Innovation

Innovation isn't just about new products anymore. Fast followers in emerging markets, especially from China, are innovating in different ways - and quickly.

Mindset of an Explorter


Your job is to advise exporters and businesses on how to diversify their markets and grow their business.

But you are challenged by their lack of action or execution on your information or advice.

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Amy Karam offers a broad range of services as a speaker, consultant, author and corporate instructor of Stanford University professional development courses in addition to her own custom workshops. She specializes in Global Expansion and Competitive Strategy, leveraging her extensive 20+ years of Silicon Valley and international expertise, particularly in Emerging Markets. Amy engages clients of Fortune 500 companies to startups with a unique and interactive style, speaking on topics including innovation, sales, marketing, leadership, geo-politics, global competitiveness and China.
✦ Letter from the Prime Minister of Canada

Guest Speaker at Google
At SAP on Globalization & the Rise of China

Her book "The China Factor" outlines competitive strategy and solutions to the many challenges that Western businesses face today with emerging competitors like those from China – Order Your Copy Here.

Silicon dragon Valley 2016 with Ken Wilcox

Amy leverages her depth and breadth of experience in global strategy, and helps companies to grow by increasing sales through effective marketing, and formulating strategy with realistic execution plans. Here are some ways that you can tap into what she has to offer.


Amy’s extensive experience in global business strategy brings fresh insights to her audiences. Her passion, dynamic personality and engaging humor make her a much sought–after speaker at conferences, seminars and forums – worldwide.

Speaking Details


After validating the business objectives behind your training needs, Amy provides relevant, highly interactive courses & workshops at your location of choice. Engaging, interactive learning processes ensure participants adopt new and immediately actionable skills.

Training Details


With expertise in competitive programs, Amy helps enterprises maintain strength in a changing world. Her consulting engagements are fully adaptable to fit your company’s culture, bridging the gap between marketing efforts and true sales needs.

Consulting Details


Are you a technical genius at an Accelerator or Start–up? Learn more about the critical business and people skills you need to succeed with your customers, employees, business partners and investors.


Do you have sales, marketing or business development leaders, project or program managers, or executives needing a roadmap with a clearer program structure and focus on critical success factors?


Are you an international executive who wants to come to Silicon Valley, the US or Canada to learn Western business perspectives? Tap into Amy’s breadth of global experience, best practices and case studies.

Book : The China Factor

Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete,
Grow and Win in the New Global Economy

Amy discusses The China Factor on Canadian TV

✦ Letter from Minister of International Trade/Foreign Affairs Canada
✦ Read Forbes Magazine’s discussion on “The China Factor”.
✦ Check–out the Amazon 5–Star Reviews

The China Factor is right on the mark. It addresses a real need, one that no one else is tackling - the action that US and other Western-based companies can take in response to the China challenge. Global competitiveness is a huge problem for the West and companies are ill-prepared. This book goes beyond what others do, providing an important, insightful and practical prescription on how they can shift their strategy and be more successful when competing in, and with, emerging countries.”

Ken Wilcox, Former Chairman & CEO of Silicon Valley Bank.
Founder of the joint venture with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in China.

Amy Karam author of The China Factor

For More Information & Ordering go to thechinafactorbook.com

For more background on key themes in The China Factor,
click on images below.

About Amy Karam

Amy Karam is a highly sought–after speaker, consultant, author and corporate instructor of Stanford University professional development courses, as well as her own workshops. As a Consultant, she specializes in Globalization and Competitive Strategy, leveraging her extensive Silicon Valley and international expertise, particularly in Emerging Markets.

Fellow at Canadian Global Affairs Institute

Canadian Global Affairs Institute

With a wealth of business development and marketing experience at companies such as Cisco and Apple, she consults to start–ups and established corporations in formulating strategy and implementing execution plans.

Amy has personally engaged thousands of people with her dynamic and effective presentation style. She has advised and trained sales teams, executives and managers across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Amy Karam

Amy Karam


Amy uses an authentic, open–dialogue approach, infused with candor and humor. She creates an inclusive and engaged environment in which people and companies are challenged to explore their potential and maximize their performance through a collaborative process. She works with leaders to clarify vision, communicate direction and secure commitment as they create innovative solutions to complex challenges — as well as clarifying outcomes and processes for achieving them.

Teaching at Apple

Amy Karam teaching at Apple


Globalization is not only good business, but also smart business and Amy has a passion for helping companies identify international opportunities and effectively execute on realizing success. She brings a unique perspective to strategic and competitive planning for the short and long–term, including a strong combination of experience and methodologies. Amy equips companies so they may thrive in global markets regardless of country of origin.


Amy’s business acumen and political savvy has been honed though leading a CEO–sponsored, global competitive and sales program where she addressed $750M a year in complex, strategic deals across 50+ countries. Dealing with new kinds of competitors meant that the organization needed to change the way they did business in many dimensions. This experience, as well as others, compelled Amy to share these learnings with companies as the new global economy shifts.

Globalization – The West & China

Globalization - The West and China

Global Experience

Karam Consulting Global Clients

What Clients are Saying About Amy Karam

Corporate Client Testimonials

Never had a better instructor for training here at Apple. She was engaging, knowledgeable, and succeeded in getting the entire class to contribute. Better than most instructors I had in business school.

Brandon B., Apple

Amy’s understanding of international markets and the bigger picture are critical in our competitive battles and her efforts for the Middle East and Africa regions are praised at all levels. Additionally, her work delivering training, and her work with the Value–Selling team, are very valuable to the program.

Cory Ellsworth, Senior Director, Sales Operations,
Cisco Systems

Amy was able to quickly and instinctively assess the unique strategic value of a product we were looking to invest in. Her strong sense for competitive differentiation and knowledge of the cloud industry guided us in making shrewd business decisions, which were later validated by other investors.

Adil Khan, Venture Capitalist

Amy’s deep experience in global business strategy at Fortune 500 companies informs her engaging and thought–provoking presentations and writing. Lively examples and humor are skillfully integrated in her seminars, and participants come away with fresh insights and with specific action plans to achieve targeted business goals.

Kathryn Welds, Chief of Staff, Hewlett Packard

Amy Karam is AMAZING! Best SAPM instructor I’ve had.

Christian G., Apple

Your book touches on many aspects that are really true and well described...tools and advice to help individuals and corporations to win the battles they will face in the future.

Audrey, Editor Business Tianjin Magazine, China

Amy had some great ways of explaining and demonstrating a concept by asking questions (why, why, why, why, why) on the case study, unveiling in particular the underlining geo/political/history undercurrents in a distributed workforce.

Mike Vondran, Apple

Amy’s expertise in competitive intelligence programs was a valuable asset in the creation of our strategy. She was able to quickly assemble the program structure, assess critical success factors, and establish rollout priorities. We refer back to the created framework constantly – it has been our go–to roadmap as well as a critical communication vehicle for rollout status.

Karen Jaworski, Senior Director of Product Marketing,
Evault, A Seagate Company

She is a power house of knowledge with great experience & energy!!! Her charming nature makes the learning environment most interactive, interesting and enhances engagement!

Ruk Neelam, Agency Solutions, Nationwide


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