The China Factor

Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete, Grow and Win in the New Global Economy


The China Factor

The China Factor The Chinese Dragon has re–awakened and is roaring. Western companies are being challenged in different ways by the economic rise of China and other new entrants.

They are looking for guidance on how they need to respond, survive and thrive – they want more than just an analysis of the threat.

This book offers Western companies actionable business strategies and competitive tactics to succeed in their global expansion, while encountering emerging competitors like those from China.

A practical framework provides a successful approach to maintaining and evolving an Innovation Advantage, particularly when targeting Emerging Markets.

Based on first–hand experience leading a competitive program at a high–tech multinational, this book suggests how Western companies can succeed in this new global marketplace by changing the way they do business.

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The China Factor’s case studies and practical resources make this book a must–read for any corporation that wants to win globally, particularly as innovation is being redefined.

Simon Khalaf, SVP, Yahoo Inc.

A refreshing handbook for anyone interested in competing in the new global economy.

Professor Calestous Juma, Harvard Kennedy School

I loved this book. The China Factor will provide you specific guidance and invaluable insights for expanding your business and achieving success globally.

Nanette J. Bulger, CEO, Executive Director Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)

In The China Factor, Amy Karam discusses how the way we innovate has changed and evolved. It can no longer be done in isolation but involves going beyond international borders. As she points out, learning about the culture and uniqueness of new markets and tapping into what has worked (and what has not!) in other regions is critical to success.

Sangeeta Anand, SVP, Product Management and Marketing, F5 Networks
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You want to expand globally into new markets and need advice on effective sales approaches that are unique to the market – that successfully position you to win.

Emerging Markets are becoming increasingly important – investing time and effort and making a long–term commitment is necessary.

The rules of the game have changed and knowing how to compete in this new paradigm is a need–to–know vs. a nice–to–know for Western companies to survive in this global economy.

• • •

Companies are looking for guidance on how they need to respond, survive and thrive – they want more than just an analysis of the threat.

Also, distinctively different customer expectations and cultures require for a deeper understanding of local practices. A significant component of the success formula is politics – emerging competitors do this well.

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Innovate for Success

As you expand into new global markets, including Emerging Countries, you may find your domestic sales strategy is not as effective. A superior premium product, popular in some markets, may not always hold the same value in others.

Companies need to innovate for specific country and market needs. The West, known for its creativity and ingenuity, has traditionally held the "Innovation Advantage" and emerging competitors now strive to replicate this know–how.

• • •

At the same time, with new competitors, new markets and new kinds of customer needs, the face of innovation is evolving. New players are introducing new types of innovation models and East and West are building on each other’s processes and creativity.

They need to evolve their innovation approach – not only in product development but also to be more innovative in the way they do business abroad.

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Disruptive Competitors

You are encountering disruptive emerging competitors, such as those from China and India, and want to learn more about their strategies, tactics and business approaches.

This is especially prevalent when doing business within Emerging Markets, where they may have an advantage. They win business and you wonder why because your product or solution is superior.

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Competitors win based on customer success factors that they address better than you do

New strategies are required, which may include building customer relationships, investing for the long–term, providing financing and building influence at the political level.

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